My fall look.

I’m battling a cold. It must be fall! I got these shoes from this week’s 50L from Reek and I thought, these would be a good staple to build an outfit around. This is what I came up with. Happy Monday.


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Look of the Day. (Or the other title “I featured all of this before.”)

Eyelashes: Garage – Eyelashes for Viewer 2
Skins: Mynerva – Sophie
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyeware – Intuition
Jeans: Surf Co. – Belmar Skinny Jeans
Boots: KAO – Suede Fringe Boots (Pink)
Vest: Mustache – Slub Crochet Cardigan (Heather Grey)
Hair: Fri.Day – Sasha (Cranky Brown)
Shirt: Fri.Day – Film.Crew (Oz)

Poses used: !BANG – Fall Away 3
!Bang – Fall Away 5

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Seriously, True Blood.


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Surf Couture’s new shoes.

I have extremely stubby legs and I probably fail at capturing how cute these shoes are, but if you haven’t stopped by Surf Co yet, please check out the new Saturday Moccasins and Knotted Wedges from Surf Co! They come in a lot of colors and the Saturday Moccasins are unisex! If you like what you see then mosey on down to the store and get you a pair.


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I was made for you.

Good evening! This was supposed to be a post about the new shoes from Surf Co. I was dropped some review copies over the weekend and I promised myself I’d get an update out, but instead I got wrapped up with school. I finally get a day where I can do something and I procrastinated the whole day through! I need some motivation, really. SO anyway, I was about to take pictures of the shoes and it won’t rez for the life of me! I guess I need to go back on the drawing board with that, but it’s coming.

The skin is a Stumblebum item from Atomic and it’s only 500L. I’m in love with it as much as I’m in love with the deals. The shirt is from Friday and well this is just me loitering around! Nothing special. I hope you all had a good day and happy Thursday to you. It’s almost the weekend, baby.


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Bohemian Rhapsody.


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Start of a new week.

It’s the start of a new week! Which means nothing cause I do the same thing every week. Real life is fun, right? I tell you what is fun, new releases from I Love Olive, Reek, and Nayar. Also I picked up something Shane thinks is funny, but it’s the reason why I am finally on 2.0.

We’ll start off with the new release from I Love Olive called Jolene. This hair is adorable! I swear the creators of I Love Olive are getting better with every release they come out with. Jolene is a side sweep ponytail hair with a clip on the side of it. I kept clicking on the clip and it didn’t do anything so sadly you can’t change it’s colors. I like this hair. It’s sporty and flirty and goes well with the rest of this outfit.

Nayar! released Sissi tube tops and no one can go wrong with tube tops in Second Life. I’m wearing the pink and grey tube top. I paired it off with the old short release from Surf Co. for a casual look.

I remember back in the nineties everyone from where I was from used to wear their socks underneath their sandals. I thought that fashion trend was stupid! It made no sense whatsoever. However with Reek’s new sandal release, I can’t seem to stop wearing these sandals. I like the work that was put into making the foot part of the sock. You can also get these sandals without the socks and wear them plain. I love these!

I had to get 2.0 so I can wear the teeth tattoo from a store called Porcupine Love. If you’re a fan of teeth on skin, now you can have teeth on all of your skin with this layer for 2.0. If you don’t have 2.0, you can go to the shop and get the prim version of it. Each are only 30L. I’m not a fan of teeth, but I like these. I’m going to wear it all week (maybe) and see which skins look good with it.

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Reek Beachwear!

Reek has released a new line of board shorts for girls (or men who like shorts to fall right into their balls. 😉 ) and mix and match them bikini tops and bottoms. The tops have a sculpted tie around the back and the shorts have a tie that goes in the front and the option to not have a tie. There is also a tie on either side of the bikini bottoms, but either I’m really skinny or the ties on the bottoms are too far from your hips. You can move it closer by editing each piece, but it’s kind of a pain. Other than that little obstacle, the shorts and bikinis are amazing and I’m impressed with the seams on the shorts.

I got Shane to come and take pictures and her and I are going to show you some of the mix match things you can do with these bathing suits. Aw look, Shane and I are two for two for blogging together. I know we won’t do it tomorrow sadly.


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L.Fauna, Ana_Mations, aDORKable, and Surf Co!

Day Three and I’m here with a lot of content involving new skins from L.Fauna and more sneak peaks of what’s in store for the Pose Fair 2010. We’re just two days away from the big event and I have to tell you, I’m very excited. There’s not just POSES, there are props, AOS, furniture, and you’ll get to see some of it in this post.

L.Fauna is also releasing something amazing on the first of April, new skins! No this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke. There will be five new make ups that will sell for $805L. There is an optional freckle and cleavage, and cleavage freckle version. The eyebrows and lips are tintable and very easy to do. I’m showing off two make ups; Robin & Starling in Tan 2 and Pale 2 tones. I love the eyemake up and how the lips are designed. I remember I wore L.Fauna for a good couple of weeks. This means that this is a good skin.


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Poses II, Bella Di Notte, Pulling Strings, and Surf Co.

About a week or so ago Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings dropped a copy of her lastest build. This is called “Window To Your Soul” and it’s a window prop with five built in poses. The window is mod and you can change it to whatever you’d like. Since I’m slow at that, I left it as is. I do apologize for the inner window wall. It wouldn’t rez for me, no matter what. I’ll pretend I modded it to a grey color. Also there are new skins from a place called Bella Di Notte. I’m wearing the Lillie skin in light. Lillie comes in dark brows and light brows. I love the softness of the face. The nose isn’t overly shadowy, and the corners of the lips are love for me. The brows aren’t overly plucked. Definitely a skin worth trying.

The dress is a new item from Surf Co. We all know my love for Surf Co. I wish I could wear this dress in real life. I love the sculpties on this and the overall detail put in the shoes. Surf Co. is definitely one of my favorite stores. I could stay in this dress all day. I figured I’ll load you up with new content to make up for the fact my graphics card gave out with this window. I’m also showing off the poses in the window as well. They’ll be credits after the cut! Plus a sneak peak look at Amacci’s Pose Set 7 which will be available at the Pose Fair!! Hope you like.

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