Start of a new week.

It’s the start of a new week! Which means nothing cause I do the same thing every week. Real life is fun, right? I tell you what is fun, new releases from I Love Olive, Reek, and Nayar. Also I picked up something Shane thinks is funny, but it’s the reason why I am finally on 2.0.

We’ll start off with the new release from I Love Olive called Jolene. This hair is adorable! I swear the creators of I Love Olive are getting better with every release they come out with. Jolene is a side sweep ponytail hair with a clip on the side of it. I kept clicking on the clip and it didn’t do anything so sadly you can’t change it’s colors. I like this hair. It’s sporty and flirty and goes well with the rest of this outfit.

Nayar! released Sissi tube tops and no one can go wrong with tube tops in Second Life. I’m wearing the pink and grey tube top. I paired it off with the old short release from Surf Co. for a casual look.

I remember back in the nineties everyone from where I was from used to wear their socks underneath their sandals. I thought that fashion trend was stupid! It made no sense whatsoever. However with Reek’s new sandal release, I can’t seem to stop wearing these sandals. I like the work that was put into making the foot part of the sock. You can also get these sandals without the socks and wear them plain. I love these!

I had to get 2.0 so I can wear the teeth tattoo from a store called Porcupine Love. If you’re a fan of teeth on skin, now you can have teeth on all of your skin with this layer for 2.0. If you don’t have 2.0, you can go to the shop and get the prim version of it. Each are only 30L. I’m not a fan of teeth, but I like these. I’m going to wear it all week (maybe) and see which skins look good with it.

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Today is a good day.

Today is a good day. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! For the past year and a half I’ve been switching from viewer to viewer because my snapshots would never save to my computer. It was driving me insane!! Finally I found out it was something I had installed on my computer that somehow goes against SL things and it needed to go. After I deleted it, I’ve been able to take snapshots to disks on any viewer, not just limited to one. This is a good thing for me.

I wanted to blog this outfit, but after SL was shut down and out for all of those hours, I forgot all about it. This is just a post I threw together to show off all of the new things you can get. I love the ears, by the way. I’m going to include all of the SLURL links for you. Have a good day.


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I’ll be right beside you, dear.


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Where have you been?

Hey there! It’s been a long time since you’ve seen my face. I know, a whole week. But for me that’s a long time. I never thought I’d say it, but real life is taking the wheel and SL is taking a backseat. I’m currently enrolled in a university again for Accounting and last week was orientation. I’ll start school officially on Monday. So we’ll see how much I’ll be around. I think for now because I have so many items I have to get out there to blog I’ll just post what I can. It’s going to be exciting to go back to school. This look I have to show you right now is just something I pieced together quickly. I hope all of you have had a good week! I’m all over the place with this one. Oh, the skin I’m wearing is a freebee from Vive9, but you have to join the group (150L) it’s in the notices.


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Uh oh it’s magic.

Hello and happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today. I’ve had a stunning week. I am back in school for Accounting! I cannot wait to start on the eight of March. I don’t know how it’s going to effect things yet, but we’ll see. Speaking of a change, there’s a new Second Life Version 2.0. beta viewer. It makes things very interesting. There’s also an appearance tattoo option. What that means is you no longer have to wear your tats on your clothing layers. There’s even a face tattoo which makes it very interesting for skins. Say for example the skin I’m wearing right now. It’s a Tres Blah skin from a Stumblebum week and I don’t think it’s being released. Anyway, I used the new alpha tattoo you can get only on 2.0 and I created a new lipstick for it as wear as darkened the eyeshadow. It’s my first shot. What do you think? This is going to change the way skins are done in SL, and I can’t wait to see.

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Time for the beach with Surf Co.

In less than a month it’ll be spring. After that it’ll be summer, finally! Surf Co. is getting us ready with new bikinis, shorts, and shoes. What I like about the swimsuits the most are the cute bows on the side. I can tell they probably took the longest to create because they’re adorable. I personally have not seen anything like this before in SL. Usually the swimsuits I see with ribbons on the side are prims or sculpties. Not actually drawn on the suit. I hope you enjoy the outfits!


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Look of the day.

I have so many skins to choose from that from now on I’m going to try to rotate them a little. Poor Shane. She has her signature skin and her girlfriend changes her appearance like most change their underwear. The hair is from Truth. I stopped wearing Truth for a while, but his latest creations are awesome. I am in love with Sage. So much that while typing this I realize I also need it in blonde. The shirt has been sitting in my inventory’s “Piecing” folder for weeks now. I found an old skirt from Kyoot that I thought would look better than pants. The textures from the Kyoot skirt and Tres Blah shirt fit perfect enough to go together. The tights are a freebee from Tee*Fy, and I swear the tights from there are adorable. I’ll probably wear tights from their for the next few days. Now I need to buy skirts/shorts. The boots well, since I found them I can’t take them off. Hope you enjoy the look!


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Different styles.

I don’t know what to call this, but these items have been in my “Piecing” folder for awhile so I thought I’d just post them. Hope you like. 🙂


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I look at the world and I notice it’s turning.

This outfit was something I put together fairly easy. Lelutka released new hair and while I was really thrilled, only one hair from the new released looked alright on me. There was a new high waisted skirt from Luck Inc, and after a trip to Sheer for the right stockings and after finding this top from Sweetest Goodbye, the look came together. All I needed was a good purse to match the band in the skirt, and that was when I hopped over to Tres Blah. Fortunately the purse was modifiable and I was able to tint it to my best ability.


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Finally Shane blogs with me!

Finally Shane and I had a chance to get together and blog! This hasn’t happened all year. As you know I’m a store manager at Naive. There are some new releases there if you check out the website. There’s also a new build! Naive’s things are relatively cheap and they range from formal wear to casual wear and even men’s wear. Shane and I thought it’d be cool to go there and find a few pieces to complete our outfits today, and we blogged together!

Check out Naive for it’s new releases. You might even see me there. 😉


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