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Jazz it, jazz it real good.

The other day, I zipped on over to one of my favourite stores on the grid, Intrigue Co., and noticed they had brand new sculpted coats. I grabbed one ASAP (they’re only 50L! Well worth it.) and along with it, one of their newer t-shirts that I hadn’t seen before; the tuxedo one. I’ve had a few tuxedo T’s in my inventory before, but I’ve deleted them all up until now. I adore this one. In the style of Clear, I decided to piece.


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Pants: Fri.Day – Trousers (Khaki)
Shirt: Armidi Limited – Basic Deep V-Neck (Black)
The shoes you can hardly see: Kookie – Athena Black
Jacket: Luster – Julia (steel) *NEW*
Hair: Fri.Day Joanna – Cranky Brown *NEW*

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Look of the Day.

Hair: Pr!tty – Runwaymodel Hair Brunette
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 20 Diamond Dust
Glasses: DUBOO*M&M glasses
Necklasce: Urbanity – One Heart One Love
Jackets: Armidi – Classic Pinstripe Blazer
Leggings: Maiiki – Leggings Black
Tank: Gigi Couture – White Tank
Shoes: Maitreya – Frenzy Hot Lips
Bracelet: Pacadi Jasha – Verandi Bangle S-Tone
Skin: Tres Blah – Hiccup Light Skin Swoon
Ears: Gauged: Elven Ears (color)
Eyes: Poetic color – Fairy Eyes
Shape: Own

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Long time no blog, eh?

Trevor Turner was fabulous and dropped Clear and I some of his new argyle sweater vests. Guess what? I LOVE ARGYLE SWEATER VESTS, and though it’s taken me a while to gear up all of my energy into making my way to this blog, there’s no way I’m not gonna tell you guys to go down and pick one up. I also noticed today that Gritty Kitty has a new hair (at least new to me!) called Da Vinci Reloaded and ZOMG, it’s the perfect thing. I’m a hat freak IRL, so in game it’s pretty much the same. In any event, onward and upward, to the pictures and style card that actually pertain to the posting at hand!


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Lelutka’s Fall/Winter Line 2009.

Lelutka, in my opinion, has always had exceptional clothes that led the way in SL Fashion, and their new fall/winter line isn’t any exception. Shane and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to show off the new male and female line and decided to keep it simple with a white background to allow you to see how intricate and magnificent the textures are. Shane is going to be showcasing the male line to show you that even women can wear some things there with just a few editing of the prims. In my personal opinion, the Lelutka team of designers are getting better with each release they come out with. Though it was just a couple of outfits and shoes, I hope that this isn’t it from them for the winter and we can expect something for at least Christmas.



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While Clear is off slaving at work, I’m at home doing nothing. I was originally going to write a witty account of my day. (Down to the two overweight men that walked past me when I was walking my dog, with 6 between them, that said “it’s a fuckin’ springer dog” – clearly.) I decided against it at some point, choosing to ease my headache by wearing a beanie inside the house. Look of the day……

Snapshot_006 (more…)

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Sunday, October 4, 2009.

It’s just a lazy Sunday for Shane and I. We’re not up to much of anything. We kind of begun the process of sorting things in our inventory out. She’s very OCD and needs things to be put in their right place. While sorting our inventory out, we found a couple pieces of clothing that we liked so much we thought we’d show it off. The tights I’m wearing are from October’s Gift from So Many Styles.



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Biffle Kitty!

One of the best stores on the grid, in my opinion, is Gritty Kitty. I’ll never get enough of that hair, but I have no idea if I’ve actually said that in a past blog or not. Oh how the mind wanders. I’m still sick, sadly, but I hung out with Charlotte some after my show, and we raided the place. I mean we must have spent 1k in there combined, if not more. I bought three new hairs, she bought two, she bought the portable camera, I bought the box of records. She bought some lanterns and fawn ears, some necklaces, and I bought the boa scarf (coolest thing ever, bring on fall and winter!!) We had a good time and talked each other out of buying the Baman hair, though it’s one of the best things I’ve seen. I also raided yesterday, as Clear blogged. My friend Clementine and I both bought the henley hoodie, and my immediate reaction was to try layer it with a jacket, which I haven’t been able to do with any other hoodie so far. It worked! With a lot of prim work, but I think it looks good all the same. I’m a fan, I gotta say. Need to buy more of their v-necks…

Here we are at the skybox while Clear was at work sleeping!



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New stuff from Aoharu.


It’s no secret. I like to put things in my mouth. Well, only in Second Life©. Well, that’s the only place I’ll admit to. When it was Christmas, I used to wear this candy cane in my mouth with every single outfit. Finally, I found a store that caters to my needs. Somethin’ In Your Mouth caters to my needs. Items here range from IPods to candy to lipstick to the weirdest things I wouldn’t ever want to put in my mouth. Most of the stuff is under 100L and with two levels, I’m sure you can come out with something if you like to put somethin’ in your mouth just like me.


AOHARU released a new baggy t-shirt and everyone on the grid seems to be blogging about it. I couldn’t help myself when I saw the shirts. It reminds me of eighties when it was the cool thing to hang your shirt off of your shoulders. (Thank you Jennifer Beals for that.) I matched it up with some leggings I’ve had in my inventory for years now that doesn’t seem to go out of style and some blue heels to give it an eighties feel. That’s all I have for now. ❤ Tuesdays drain me.

Mouth: Somethin’ In Your Mouth – Cherries and American Flag
Hair: !Lamb (Cherry)
Leggings: Armidi Limited – Metallic Tights (Hot Pink)
Heels: Juicy – Juicy Classic Pump (Blueberry)
Shirt: AOHARU – Off the Shoulder Baggy T-Shirt (Lightening)

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