Seriously, True Blood.


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Things You Should Know About Plastik.

I’m going on a road trip!
It’s going to be around the 5th of next month.
I’m going to travel around and see a ton of things, including the San diego zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas and stuff. I’m really, really excited. but the gas is hella expensive right now so i figured i’d make a fun sale out of it and to try out the new patterns ive been working on.

There are two of almost everything in my store, ——–(79 items total)———, in a special edition pattern or color. There will be skins as soon as i finish the ads, too! ❤

The sale will be going on for a couple weeks, i know some people dont get wind of these things till it's too late and i always try to make sure everyone gets to come and take a peek. <3.

-Kea Rieko; The Plastik.


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New Items :: Babydoll Plaid

This is the new release from Makenzie Irling of Barcode. There are three versions to this top that can be worn with jeans or with nothing but shoes and a few accessories to make it a dress. The glasses are a new release from Mae Liamano’s store, Mustache.


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Two sales with clothes under 50L

Chikka Design

It’s Sunday and for me it’s the day I love to spend shopping in Second Life. Currently there are two sales going on that I know about. One is from Chikka Design and the other is Church of Luxe! Everything at Chikka Design is going for 49L. Everything at Church of Luxe is going at 50L. I couldn’t resist and I wanted to show off what I bought. The skin I’m using is the new Redgrave, Megan. I’m not too sure if I like it or not. It has to grow on me!


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Beetle Bones, Narwhal, and more.


Shane and I made a terrible bet I think I’m going to lose. We promised that we were going to blog every single day for a whole week. So for the two readers out there, beware. I spent a hefty chunk this weekend all the way up until the time of blogging this on a lot of new things that popped up around the grid.


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Lots of new things goodness.

Today while hanging out doing my own thing my SL sister, Noelle Parisi, TPed me in to check out a store run by one of our friends, Mac Heron and Papa Bing. The store is called Brutalitees.

Shane T-Shirts

The store sales male t-shirts, but the shadows on them aren’t so bad that a girl can also wear them in my opinion. They’ve just recently opened and soon they’re going to add a line of t-shirts for females. The shirts are only 69L. That’s relatively cheap for the quality of the shirt they produce, and they’re going to do custom shirts: 150L for a custom with normal perms copy mod and 300L for custom with full perm. That’s really cheap! So stop by their store and look at all of the awesome graphic t-shirts they have up.

Here’s your limo:

A lot of cool stores that I admire released a lot of good things this week and managed to drain my lindens. These are the things I bought over the week. I thought I’d share it with you and give you guys some ideas on what to get during your next shopping trip.


Hair: Maitreya – Zoe
Dress: .:Naive:. Zoe Blue
Shoes: (fashionably dead) Jellies (Sky)


Hair: !lamb. Breeze – Ink
outfit: Emery – Loop Suit #Lidil
Shoes: Stilletto Moody – Silver Stud Pumps (Gold)


Hair: >TRUTH< Vesper – night
Shirt: Artilleri – Gran Caneria
Shorts:Artilleri – Johanna highwaist shorts *med blue*



Hair: Maitreya – Milla (two option hairs with this)
Dress: LeLutka – TALLYS dress/orange
Shoes: LeLutka – TEESE shoes/ sienna

LeLutka released a lot of new things for the summer. Expect a full post on it later! Happy shopping.

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